The Lost Lottery Ticket Story
Mar 24th, 2014

Last time Treach came over to our recording studio for some sound checks, he was looking a little under the weather. So after asking him if anything had happened, we heard the most incredible story we thought we should share with you.  

The Lottery Disaster

Treach told us his cousin Antwan is a big lottery fan and that he plays Mega Millions and Powerball for as long as he can remember. He uses the same numbers he calls his lucky numbers week after week and he ever misses a single draw. It’s like his brain is wired and I sends him these signals reminding him to buy his tickets. Treach told us how Antwan was really close to winning a big jackpot for one of the state lotteries, but he missed two numbers. However, his passion for the game never stopped and he continues to buy his tickets week after week. He even found a site on the web we uses to buy his tickets from so he can take his time and look at all the other games he might be tempted to try his luck at, read news, site and game comparisons and other stuff lottery fans enjoy doing.

This site is called TheTopLotto and it is the home of the biggest lotteries in the world, alongside detailed comparisons of the hottest lottery sites. A couple of weeks ago, Antwan bought his regular tickets – he likes to use the multi-draw option so he usually enjoys a nice discount whenever he buys his tickets – like the usual. But what happened next is out of this world. Just a day before the big MegaMillions draw, Antwan was near a bus station, so he decided to buy his ticket from there instead of the regular online ticket. He bought the ticket, marked it, and placed it in his jacket. Then he went to the horse tracks and because it was a warm day, he took his jacket off and placed in on his seat. His horse won, so he was so excited that we ran to collect his money and completely forgot about his jacket. The next day, the MegaMillions numbers came out; he won! Unfortunately, his ticket was nowhere to be found! He desperately called the horse tracks trying to find his jacket, but someone probably took it – maybe not even knowing it has holding the MegaMillions winning ticket for a huge $50 million jackpot!