“Tdot” Tedashii – South Style Rapping
Jan 29th, 2014

You might know Benjah Tedashii Anderson as Tdot and you might be familiar with his southern style tunes. The artists was vorn March 8, 1977 and he grew up in Houston, Texas. His childhood wasn’t all milk and honey. The Christian rapper went through many hardships when he was a child – and this is what helped shape his current dirty south-style. His songs revolve around Jesus Christ portraits and the artist is a former member of the 115 Clique together with Flame, Shai Linne, Trip Lee, and Lecrae to name just a few.

Tedashii’s Meanings Behind His Albums

The hip hop Christian artist has already released four solo albums under the Reach Records label – Kingdom People, Identity Crisis, Blacklight, and Below Paradise. If you are not familiar with his style, you should know he has a deep voice that helps him deliver highly versatile flow schemes, making the artist a unique one from this point of view. Each of his albums focuses on certain aspects and influences of his faith on his life events, sending powerful messages. His first albums saw the light of day in 2006 and it was created to tell the world of a people whose existence is much more meaningful than their own lives. What the rapper tried to do was use his own trials and tribulations to express the realistic side of his own faith – emphasizing the way his Christian faith has helped him surpass them.

With his second album, his aim was to express hope and freedom through Christ, and the need to stay on track and fulfill the plan that the Lord has prepared for each of us. People tend to turn into the slaves of the worldly ways, forgetting about God. Money, material things, vacations, good food – these are all things that we tend to put first while ignoring the true meaning of life. While Tedashii does not imply one should stop cooking tasty recipes like the popular Bolognese sauce you can find here videoculinary.com/recipes/sauces-and-dressings/137-bolognese-sauce and which makes for a delicious choice for your spaghetti meals. He likes good food himself and he often times likes to cook lasagna and Tagliatelle recipes he finds on the videoculinary site, but he draws the attention over the importance of staying on track and not getting absorbed by the non-spiritual things. Recently, Tedashii appeared in Family Force 5's song "Chainsaw" which was part of the remix album “Reanimated”.