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Music history in the US. From country music to electric sound

For many people, music means all the world. It’s not an exaggeration to state this truth. Young people and kids are the most passionate music players and listeners, where music players include mainly amateur and students of music courses. In … Continue reading

“Tdot” Tedashii – South Style Rapping

You might know Benjah Tedashii Anderson as Tdot and you might be familiar with his southern style tunes. The artists was vorn March 8, 1977 and he grew up in Houston, Texas. His childhood wasn’t all milk and honey. The … Continue reading

Origins of rock music

One of the most loved music genre is rock. Rock music is nowadays on radios, TV shows and it counts on thousands rock bands all over the world. Today we want to go through history to trace a profile of … Continue reading

They Way Hip Hop Imagines Success

Some hip hop tracks (or artists), in celebration of enjoying success, can't resist references to the excitement of places like Vegas, where people go for epic entertainment and jackpots — of various sorts, really. How many rappers have made how … Continue reading

Top 5 most exciting Hip Hop tours for 2015

The New Year has brought us an exciting line up of tours from influential artists from the Hip Hop scene. We’ve spent hours looking over the most recent hip hop news and reviews in order to put together a short list … Continue reading

Hip Hoppers With Mooney Reference Stage Names

The stage name an artist chooses for him can have a powerful impact on his future career. In other words, money is in a name, and making a name for yourself does take a lot of hard work. If you … Continue reading

“Anthem Inc” 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition

Our 6th lp titled "Anthem Inc" 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition

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Perfect Party Ft. Joe

Flags (Life Version)

I gotta Lotta